The correct storage of abrasive products will ensure that they provide optimal results. The temperature should be between 15° and 25°C and the relative humidity between 45% and 65%.

Storage conditions are among the most important factors affecting the performance of coated abrasives. Coated abrasives will usually perform at maximum efficiency only when they are properly handled and stored.

The backings and some of the adhesives used in their manufacture are sensitive to climatic changes and will pick up or lose moisture according to the relative humidity of their surroundings. Excessive humidity may cause a softening of the glue, and this causes the abrasive grains to tend to push into the backing rather than penetrate the work piece. Excessive dryness results in the loss of flexibility that creates difficulties in handling.

Keep the material away from heat sources (like hot air ducts or heaters), sources of dampness and avoid direct contact with the floor and direct exposure to sunlight.
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