68 years expertise at your service.

Since the company was founded in 1946, we have consciously targeted international markets, based on "abrasive paper". Through smooth and controlled development, we have created a sound manufacturing company which exports 75% of its output outside Europe. We have build up close agent / distributor relationships in several key markets around the world.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors (e.g. 3M, VSM, Mirka, Norton) by focusing on the individual needs of each customer so that products, colors, brands, and production runs can be adapted to suit the customer and the local requirements.

By doing this, we benefit from valuable impulses in the development of new consumer-oriented abrasive products, while laying the foundation for long-term co-operation with the customer.

The market-oriented structure enables us to implement our total customer concept. Short lines of communication, together with a desire to understand the customer’s position, makes our organisation flexible and adaptable.

We treat our customers individually.

Santo Abrasives AS, org: 994 259 938 | Fugleveien 4, 1448 DrÝbak - Norway | Phone: +47 40 48 51 45